furniture — July 7, 2013 at 5:58 pm

Parabola Chair by Carlo Aiello

The design intention of the Parabola Chair by Los Angeles-based product designer Carlo Aiello was to create a simple and porous yet highly sculptural chair. The challenge was to achieve a single surface that serves as seating, armrest, and backrest supported by a minimal structure. Although the chair exhibits curvatures in two directions (hyperbolic paraboloid) all its components are straight and easy to manufacture. In order to achieve perfect comfort both curvatures were carefully calibrated to hold the body in the best position.

The Parabola Chair received the prestigious International Contemporary Furniture Fair Studio Award in 2013 and will be exhibited at the ICFF (May 18-21).

Material: Chrome-plated steel




  1. fantastic

    very elegant – love it

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