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Harry, Larry & Marry Pillow by Frappante

The brand frappante manufactures original and extraordinary products for equally original and extraordinary people who are not afraid to discover new things and unusual accessories. Their latest additions are cushions Harry, Larry and Marry, shaped as a deer, a hare and a giraffe. The frappante cushions are for everyone who is looking for and wants a cheerful, colorful and yet simple home accessory and finds classical angular or round cushions too boring.

They are made of quality fabric in five elegant colors, all are hand-made in the Czech Republic and the unique numbering is their mark of exclusivity. Each cushion has a number on the back side that is unique in the entire world. This number enables the customer to register the product on the frappante website and create his or her own collection of frappante products.

Frappante offers an opportunity to be different, thanks to a home accessory of an extraordinary design, which is, in the end, not ‘only‘ a cushion, but an elegant, silent and yet cheerful companion you never feel alone with.

The cushions are available for purchase via e-shop here.




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