sport — September 5, 2012 at 12:45 pm

Molokini by Clear Blue Hawaii

Clear Blue Hawaii offers a transparent canoes and kayaks that turn a regular sport into undersea exploration. Weighing 18kg/40 pounds – half the usual weight of a canoe – its transportation is not a big issue.

Padded seats offer higher comfort for your trip and fulfill all your demands for top quality and style .

These models should be used in areas of calm ocean conditions, even though they are sturdier and stronger than the traditional non-transparent builds. Their material is impact resistant and has been tested (the trials involved hammer blows, height drops, height drops from rocky cliffs and drops from a moving vehicle).

In a sunny and windless day the water depth visibility is 23 metres / 75 feet.




  1. please keep me informed, I am an architect

  2. What is it made from?

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