decoration — August 16, 2012 at 12:45 pm

Eye-tricking wallpapers by Surrealien

A German wallpaper company “Surrealien” came up with eye tricking wallpapers design. Surrealien’s wallpapers wrap the pattern over existing objects in your room as windows, switches, pics or doors, so that an optic illusion of a continuous pattern is created. How do they do it? They have actually created a new wrapping wallpaper technology, when you have to provide a plan of your room, so the Surrealien designers can create a pattern custom made for your home. You can even create your own pattern that will be printed as a wallpaper.

Designers of Surrealien wrote about their work: “Our conception blurs the border between architectural wall structure and applied interior decoration. Contrary to traditional mural painting, we do not create individual objects of art but generate functions that are adapted to the particular infrastructure of a room.”




  1. Its really good. An awsome its look natural an artifact also

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