car — December 20, 2011 at 4:00 pm

Protect 486 by Marc Graells

From always, the system burglar alarm that are used in the motorcycles are based on the same: the blockade by means of padlock or alarm. However much design and innovation we apply to it, it will always be more of the same, which favours the thieves, who know all the techniques perfectly annual all the safeties.

For this reason, I propose a system burglar alarm totally different, breaking the present bases and creating new, based in what nature have last millions of years to create by the natural selection, to improve the different defense system.




  1. Very cool but just parked, you can’t actually drive this! the cover is in the way of the driver’s feet.

  2. like to know how much and do you have to leave it on when traveling

  3. great idea, fantastic :)

  4. Like shrimp :)

  5. I’d definitely use this as my scooter is always outside. It looks STUNNING. I just wonder if the exhaust can still shed its heat because of the position of the design and wether or not the heat of the exhaustpipe might damage the material of this ‘Nautilus’…

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