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Tape with Easy-to-Find End

Design Team : Deockeun An, Jaehyung Kim, Cheolwoong Seo The tape with easy-to-find end suggests a concept of a slight change made on the existing tape is proposed for easy distinction of the tape end. Anyone might have ever experienced the difficulty and inconvenience in finding the tape end. It causes more difficulty for the elderly people or those with poor vision. Although there have been lots of products available for such purpose, they incur additional costs due to unnecessary resources. The tape with easy-to-find end is a specially designed product for users to use the product in more convenient manners by improving the problem on existing tape products as mentioned above. The uneven contours of the tape prevent the tape end from attached to the tape body, which makes it even more useful by allowing users to easily find the tape end.




  1. This will save all that time looking for the edge

  2. THat’s a good idea!Why hasn’t it be found before! it seems so simple!

  3. Imho this is a tipical example of a complicated solution for a simple problem.
    Has anyone considered the difficulty in rolling up tape in such shape?
    Please just fold the end of your duct tape.

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  5. it does not seem to be any technical problem in rolling up tape in such a shape. it is possible to design machine to manufacture it. problem is the amount of time that would take to roll a tape up.

  6. It will not be practical for production use but I find it a great solution! Certainly for me it would be a great time saver!

  7. Design is good till the tape is stuck to its upper edges, if tape gets stuck in lower groves then it will be tedious

  8. thnx. this poject is veri good & im like them.

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  10. génial!! comme toutes les idées simples mais efficaces : bravo !!!

  11. @Vijay Kale: nope, you just need to pull one up from one more ‘valley’ and it will be fine.

  12. I personally think that it is not a good idea as tape my start separating in ‘valleys’ and dry out. You will just end up with loads of layers of a dry tape which won’t stick to anything…

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