computer — May 16, 2011 at 2:00 pm

MacBook in 2020 by Tommaso Gecchelin

Imagine a paper thin computer…not possible? Well, industrial designer Tommaso Gecchelin thinks it will be possible already in 2020. Taking into account progress of nano technology it may be right. An innovative micro-lattice nano material enables to make things smaller, thiner and lighter. Gecchlin`s desing of future MacBook would be made of a number of layers: the first one, photovoltaic providing power for computer, the second producing ultrasound waves for tactile feedback and the others capturing and emitting 3D image.






  1. but it’ll still be hard looking for games that’ll run on it lol

  2. Would be amazing to have that kind of technology, especially now that most of our lives are made up of interacting with mobile devices and computers.

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