eco — May 10, 2011 at 9:54 pm

2in1 lantern by Franklin Gaw

The lantern by Franklin Gaw has a classic design of an old-fashioned hand-held lantern with one important difference – it is not only a source of light but an ecosystem for a plant. You just need to put in some pebbles, soil and you can plant your sapling. During the day you just provide the sapling with sunlight and during the night you can turn on a battery powered light of the lantern that has color and temperature of the sunlight, so your plan can grow faster.




  1. It is an champion in sustainability, isn´t it ?

  2. What does it mean: “bolky” ?

  3. The utilisation of plastic is in the combination with such object (terrarium, or a kind of greenhouse) sheer rubbish …
    And how about to make the visualisation with a marijuana plant ?
    It is only plant, I know, which has to be grown without sunlight!

  4. Where can I buy the terrarium lantern?

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